Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 23

Originally I had planned to have a quiet day today - I ended up having quite a busy day, but am thankful I got a lot done.

Today I am thankful for:

- grocery shopping done, lunches made and uniforms washed (already I know!);

- a phone call from our local Lions club offering assistance;

- a phone call from our local Spa Man to discuss Miss Ashlea's wish.  What do you think?  We want one that is flat-ish so she can stand up and hold on to the edge:

This one has more 'flat' areas 

But this one is apparently 'better'...

- encouraging news from Emma's teacher that she hasn't fallen behind at school in spite of the year she's had.  In fact she is bright enough to go into the extension class - however this is where having anxiety really bites - she is nowhere near mature enough to cope so will stay in a regular class.  I don't think I care that she won't be in that class - the fact that she is smart enough to be there is enough;

- NAS corn chips with NAS salsa - a rare treat that the rest of you would probably say tastes like cardboard with chili on top but to me is delicious;

- the anticipation of a trash TV marathon tonight - I Didn't Know I was Pregnant - TV Gold;

- Friday night toy room sleepover for the girls;

- the anticipation of a quiet weekend;

- and the relief of discovering that we didn't miss the ice cream man today - he was just running late.  Phew!


Melissa said...

I think you have made the right choice for Emma- she most certainly does not need any extra pressure!! She will do brilliantly where ever she is placed at Jasper Rd.
I am tempted to come and watch that trashy TV with you tonight. I have never seen that show but really...What the.... sounds like the perfect Friday night veg out to me!
It would be great if you could post a Christmas present wish idea for each of the girls so that we could all add to your Christmas joy this year. I wonder if you could set up a system where we could pick something and tick it off a list. We could then wrap it up and have it delivered just before Santa is due to visit. I would love to join the fun for your family and take off a little bit of that insane Christmas pressure -and I am sure I am not the only one. Can you give the kids a pile of catalogues and get them to work. If all else fails I will have to organise an 'ice-cream man' gift voucher!! xxx

Anna said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend xo

Heda said...

Apologies in advance, Alison. My family thinks I am the world's biggest worry wort (and they may well be right). I have to admit that whenever I am around there is often much rolling of eyes. You know a spa sounds absolutely wonderful but lots of water can be a bit scary around young children. I KNOW you will keep them safe but I just have to say this...swimming lessons all round me thinks! Of course they probably already do swimming lessons in which case you are more than welcome to ignore me.
My thankfuls are...
1. A wonderful last day at the Blue Mountains.
2. Lunch at the Common Ground which was a complete happy accident.
3. A gorgeous niece to share all this with.

Alison said...

Heda - yes they have all had swimming lessons and Ashlea will never be in the spa alone - AND it has a lockable lid.

Alison said...

Melissa - come around for trash TV any time you like!!