Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 24

Today I am thankful for:

- a spot of Christmas shopping done;

- a spa chosen;

- the adventure of taking Ashlea into the shops in her walker.  I asked her if she wanted to walk or wheel and she said Walk!  I wasn't convinced that would be such a good idea and was umming and aahing about what to do when Ashlea piped up again with SHE SAID WALK!  So she walked;

- not too many people's heels clipped;

- the love of a girl and her duck - we found her favourite toy in the shop;

- getting out of Toys R Us alive (and possibly with a new ABC Duck...);

- a good idea from Aunty Carolin about how the Lions Club offer of yesterday could be put to use (shade cloth over the spa);

- dinner tonight with my Christian Special Needs Mums group - a great bunch of women who truly get it;

- that Aunty Carolin is home tonight to do the bedtime medication routine meaning I don't have to wait until Ashlea is in bed to go out.


Deb said...

The more she walks, the more she walks! So exciting to see her determination. The spa looks awesome. Have a great time tonight.

Melissa said...

Hurray to the spa!!! What did the girls find in Toys R Us that we could add to the Santa wish list?????

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Spa sounds perfect ! Have a wonderful dinner tonight xx

Heda said...

Love the duck!
A Christmas list would be good.
My thankfuls for today are:
1. Getting Mum home safe from a happy holiday.
2. Sleeping in my own bed - yum yum yum.
3. Another week of annual leave before I have to return to work and though I love my family dearly, that week will be spent at home ALONE.

Alison said...

Heda - a holiday ALONE sounds like bliss!

Melissa - you are so sweet - but my girls are still managing to get spoilt this Christmas - we are getting the new Wii (we killed the old one with over use) and Ashlea is getting a computer from the funding fairies.

Anna said...

Love the photo of Ashlea and her duck. Yay to the spa!! Hope you had a great night.