Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 26

Today I am thankful for:

- local kidney friends who helped me out with last night's pump emergency;

- having gotten changed out of my pyjamas before going to get the pump when I saw the RBT out in force;

- one child finished homework for the year;

- hearing how excited Emma's classmates were to see Ashlea in her walker at school today.  I LOVE it when kids see Ashlea in her walker for the first time and are so excited for her;

- one cupboard tidied.  I'm hoping it might turn into the 12 Days of Tidying but so far it is just ONE tidy cupboard;

Now I can find the pepsi max and
salt free chippies

- time to talk and pray with a fellow traveller;

- an invitation to a midnight launch party (made me feel cool for a minute until I thought about all the sleep I'd miss);

- 4 mangoes for $4;

- an umbrella offered during a downpour - it was a very brief downpour but of course I was caught out in it - straight hair and all;

- an unexpected meal delivered at dinner time that included a loaf of banana bread for afters.


Anna said...

I was going to start cleaning my house today and got distracted. Love that one of Emma's friends got excited for Ashlea!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I find a pantry clean very cleansing too! ;) love hearing about the friends excitement and the banana bread!

Heda said...

A most imoressively tidy pantry. Tomorrow I would like to start on my cupboards. I only ever do them when on holidays but it always takes me a few days of being flat out like a lizard to get my courage together to face them. Usually I start two days before being due back at work, get up a real head of steam to do the whole house and then run out of time...shame!
My thankfuls for yesterday's are sort of recycled but they are...
1. Child intern who removed stitches thinks 91 year old, legally blind, Mum's carpal tunnel op is healing really well with no infection and that numbness and pain in her fingers (that act as her eyes) will keep improving.
2. This one is more Mum's than mine but it's a thankful for being able to shower. Having had a broken hot water service for 5 weeks earlier this year I can understand Mum's pleasure in being able to stand under a hot shower whenever she want to do so.
3. Snuck into work out of hours to do a bit of a catch up and am incredibly thankful that I don't have to go back till next week.