Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 27

Today I am thankful for:

- THREE children's bedrooms tidied (in keeping with my 12 days of cleaning theme);

- TWO lost objects found - a library book and Ashlea's glasses.  Sadly I can't take the credit for finding Ashlea's glasses - they were found in the playground where she had discarded them last Friday;

- the house to myself for a few hours;

- an entire day of walking for Ashlea at school today;

- Ashlea's determination (otherwise known as strong willed stubborness);

- her laugh:

- how her laugh makes us all laugh (hence the dodgy video quality - I was laughing too much).


Vicky O said...

Tried to watch the video, but it says very sternly that this video is private.

Alison said...

Oh no - you're right. Can't fix it until after Cool Kids tonight!

Heda said...

What good timing, Alison. Your post has appeared in between baking a loaf of gluten free bread, getting dinner ready and doing Internet. The video is set as private but I can appreciate how infectious that cute little face can be.
My thankfuls are easy for today...
1. A clean(ish) house - floor swept, bathroom basin and shower wiped over, dishes washed, bed made, garden watered, washing and ironing done. Basics I know but for me anything else is a bonus and to have this done on a Tuesday is nigh on impossible. This is the bliss of being on holidays.
2. Took little old car in for check up because it is making a metallic rattling noise after $1200 service just over a week ago! They said it was a series of little things that they tightened up or greased or fixed and the noise is indeed much improved. It is still there but it is an old car. At least I know the left rear wheel isn't going to fall off! Keeping this car on the road and myself employed for the next two years will be a massive thankful/leap of faith.
3. So many thankfuls today that I had to toss up which one to put for my third, I think what I am third most thankful for is a phone call from a special old friend this afternoon asking if she and her daughter could stay at my place next week. I will love to catch up with her and her all grown up daughter. Plus I love have my spare room full of folk because it makes me feel less guilty about having a two bedroom townhouse for one person.

Alison said...

Try the video now...

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Again again! So cute! Am loving the 12 days of tidy! I did Woodys drawers today! Bron