Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 28

Today I am thankful for:

- a gift card in the mail;

- an encouraging meeting with Ashlea's Vision Support Teacher to discuss goals for next year;

- meeting our local Lions Club member to discuss how they can help us;

- dinner out tonight with my fabulous bible study ladies;

- roast chicken delivered at dinner time for the rest of the family;

- FOUR loads of laundry dealt with (although I don't feel like that really counts in the 12 Days of Tidying as it is just an everyday occurrence rather than a Special Tidy);

- FIVE fridge shelves cleaned;

- every so often being able to harness the energy of PMT for good rather than evil (hence the 12 Days of Tidying);

- a quick jump on a jumping castle this afternoon;

- and transplant pioneer Joseph E Murray who passed away this week.  Thank God for men like him.

1 comment:

Heda said...

I love a clean fridge.
Thankfuls for this day are:
1. A spare room all ready for visitors
2. A house that stays beautifully cool downstairs provided I keep it all locked up.
3. Another day on annual leave.