Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 29

Today I am thankful for:

- an encouraging interview with Audrey's teacher who assures me Audrey is smack bang in the middle of the range expected for kindergarten;

- hearing that Audrey has blossomed in confidence at school this year - in no small part due to the fantastic teacher she has had;

- teacher's Christmas presents ordered from Tear Fund and Samaritans Purse (surely they don't need more chocolate and trinkets??);

- not bothering to do any tidying today and not feeling guilty about it (I often feel like I have to be doing something if I'm home alone);

- being home alone;

- salt free cake pops made;

- and taste tested in peace before the kids got home;

- a very civilised end to Thursday night dinner - often Kate and I let the kids play for just that extra few minutes that results in chaos - tonight we timed it to perfection;

- confirmation that the spa has been ordered;

- sprinkler fun on a hot day.


Melissa said...

Thanks for making me smile today :) I have had one of THOSE days. I most certainly do not need any more chocolates or trinkets and would treasure one of the gifts you have selected for teachers. Yes- Audrey does have an amazing teacher! She is also an amazing little girl and I adore her. Glad to hear that you had a day to yourself and you got to enjoy it!! I wish I had a neighbour like Kate. You captured such a gorgeous photo of your gorgeous girls having fun!!
I am grateful that I did eventually get the epilim that Campbell needs TONIGHT- despite the dramas involved. That doesn't really sound like a genuine gratitude does it... I have a lot more that I will be grateful for tomorrow :)

Alison said...

Melissa - I can appreciate the significance of getting a medication WHEN you need it rather than having to wait until the next day - definitely something to be thankful for when you realise how dependent our kids are on their meds!

Anna said...

Great to hear Audrey is doing so well! I am going to refrain from chocolates for teacher gifts this year too.

Heda said...

This link from the Gajitz site made me think of you and Emma for some reason...
My thankfuls for yesterday are:
1. A surprisingly strong immune system. Monday's spider bite is getting better. Had vague fears of flesh being eaten when red line started heading up my arm from cup sized raised red circle around the bite but today it is all much paler and no longer hot and itchy.
2. Potatoes, rice and corn - the staples of a coeliac.
3. An unexpected lunch with an old friend.