Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 5 + Writing Prompt

This week's writing prompt is What Gives You Life?

I found it a really hard topic to write about - partly because I don't feel particularly lively at the moment.  On the contrary I feel stressed and overwhelmed and bogged down by all the things facing our family.  That is why I decided to do the 30 Days of Thankfulness in the first place - not because things are fabulous and I want to flaunt it to the world, but because things are rough and I want to try and focus on what I do have rather than what I don't have in the hope that it helps me stay afloat.

So rather than writing a proper What Gives You Life post I am going to use the topic as my theme for todays thankfulness - and that way you can also be thankful as you won't have to read two posts from me :)

Today I am thankful for:

- God - who is ultimately the One who gives me life - by both sustaining my earthly life and giving me new life in Christ;

- signs of new life this spring - even in deepest darkest suburbia - although Kate next door has a bit of a magpie phobia so she probably doesn't want to know that they have successfully added to their numbers again this year;

How cute and harmless do I look?

- my three cheeky monkeys - who I sometimes feel suck the life out of me - but in reality give me life because they give me a reason and motivation to keep going no matter how difficult things become;

- caffeine - which doesn't technically give me life but does make me feel more alive;

- this little duck's determination and courage in life;

How cute and harmless do I look???

- photography, blogging and general time wastery on the internet that provide an outlet from the stresses of daily life;

- the encouragement of finding friends therein who are also rising to the occasion of facing challenges in their lives;

- life sustaining meals prepared and delivered by people with 4 children of their own who really don't have the time to be preparing and delivering extra meals;

- life giving words found in the bible - and the freedom we have to read them in Australia;

- knowing that we are being supported by the prayers and well wishes of so many people as we travel this road in life - and more importantly - that the life to come does NOT contain any bumps in the road!

What are you thankful for today?

{Ellen's Writing Prompt}


Kel said...

Today I am thankful for consistent people, the power of stating what you are thankful for, and my Cubs. And Slurpees.

Missy said...

I found it a little tricky to, to really know what gives me all seems to have changed lately.

I know I am thankful for meeting you, your family and the gorgeous Miss Ashlea.

I am also MOST thankful that you have an army of support surrounding you.

Alison said...

Kel I think we can ALL be thankful for slurpees :)

Jen - how did we ever cope before we all met on the interwebz??? I couldn't do it without you all now!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

alison, i was speaking to someone the other day and she made the comment of staying afloat just, nearly drowning but with your head just above water, surviving. I am so glad you are sharing everything you are thankful for amongst the obvious stressors you face each day. X i too gain much strength from my online friendships in this disability circle. Much love to you as always xxxx

Alison said...

Bron that is a very good description of it!

Heda said...

1. The view from my office window - who needs a view at home?!!
2. Lunch with a friend.
3. A grey cat waiting for me to get home.

Try not to worry too much, Alison.
As this too shall pass...

Alison said...

Thanks for the reminder Heda - it just feels like it might take a long time to pass!

supermariotwins said...

Today I'm especially thankful for the ability to vote here in the USA. There are many unfortunate individuals who fight to the death for that right in other countries. We definitely don't take that right for granted!