Sunday, December 16, 2012

A bit of fun...

Ashlea's Vision Ed teacher made this for fun.

Even though it is just a bit of fun I find it kind of mesmerising. I know it's just an animation but it gives a little glimpse of 'what could have been' - imagine if Ashlea could really move like that!


Missy said...

Love it!!

You know it's funny. WHile I am so thankful for the wonderful movement and walking skills MM has, I to catch myself every now and then thinking about the "norm"
I was grocery shopping today and watching a Mum hold her daughters hand (of similar age) and I realised that I cant do that with her (yet?!) and how that simple thing of walking through the shop, holding hands is something, I am missing out on. Kind of hits you hard when you least expect it.

Melissa said...

We make these every year and always love to see Campbell dance! His teacher this year made several featuring Cam and his class mates- we loved seeing Campbell doing Gangnam style best of all :)))