Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Memory {writing prompt}

I love Christmas.  I have so many fun memories of Christmas as a child - the excitement, the fun, the presents!

As an adult the memory that is clearest in my mind comes from Christmas 2006 - our first Christmas together as a family of five. Ashlea had come home from hospital in September but we hadn't made it to church as a whole family until Christmas.  I can remember us all going on Christmas Eve and being so thankful for God's goodness to us in letting us keep Ashlea.  I was still traumatised by our NICU experience so I was hyper aware of just how precious it was that we were all together as a family for Christmas.  It could have been a very different Christmas for us that year.

Every year at Christmas I still remember that first year we were a family of five.  For me Christmas is now a special reminder that every day we have with our children is so precious.  Every Christmas celebrated together as a family is something to be treasured.  You never know what is around the corner or how many Christmases you will get with the people you love.  The irony is that this year again it could have been a very different Christmas for us.

My Christmas memories told through Santa photos...

2006 - No Santa photo - too stressful to take
twins and a 2 year old to see Santa!!

2007 - I'm sure the girls sat on Santa's knee at the RIDBC
party but I obviously have lost the photo!

2008 - Santa - at the CPA party in 40 degree heat

2009 - Santa - RIDBC party
2010 - Oops - No sign of Santa

2011 - In which Santa looks
murderously at my children...

2012 - Our FIRST shopping centre Santa photo.
The entire shop was watching by the time we were
finished but it's pretty good don't you think!!

And speaking of Christmas - the annual Christmas newsletter is currently in production.  Who would like a copy?  We are going old school this year and only doing a snail mail version - email me your address if you want a copy:  alisona (at) aanet (dot) com (dot) au


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh look at the girls in 2010 so cute !!! Beautiful shot this year of your school girls xxx

Eiluv2Write said...

I read your blog every day - it's awesome! and your daughters are all beautiful!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas w/them!

The Trousdell Five said...

Great photos! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I don't know if I have ANY photos of my three kids together on Christmas?! I particularly love the first one - those days of awkwardly balancing two babies on your lap :)

T said...

Awh! What a gorgeous photo :) Merry Christmas x