Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Usually I don't do New Years Resolutions but these two things have been on my mind for awhile. I'm not going to make them resolutions because that will just set me up for failure in the first week - instead I am making them my goals for the year.

1.  I need to read the bible more.

I have gotten slack in my bible reading habits - partly because I have been having a bit of a stand off with God over the events of 2012.  I am angry that I have been left with the consequences of other peoples actions.  Life has gone on relatively unchanged for all the people involved in Murray's brain injury - even Murray himself doesn't have full insight into his injury.  I have been left to pick up the pieces.  Having a stand off with God is pointless though.  It's like cutting off your own oxygen supply.  Praying and reading the bible is a lifeline - one that I need to grab hold of firmly - without it I'll drown.  Without it I have been drowning.  Holding on tightly to God is my only hope for getting through this.

2. I need to worry less.

Many of you will know from previous New Years posts that I am not a fan of New Year as it usually fills me with worry about what might happen in the coming 12 months (see here for 2012s worries, here for 2011 and here for 2010 if you need proof!).  Seriously though - no amount of worrying about what might happen could have prepared me for what actually happened after Ashlea's transplant so this year I'm not going to bother with the worrying!

Truth be told ANYTHING could happen!  To any of us!  At any time!  Worrying that bad things might happen doesn't prevent them from happening - so as much as possible I'm going to just take each day as it comes - and try to keep my head above water - while clinging to my lifeline.

Anyone else doing resolutions?

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Melissa said...

I confess that I am a chronic worrier too. It's a tough habit to shake- we will have to push each other along with that one :) xx

Alison said...

Good plan Melissa!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh Alison I can relate a little to that feeling of many people not realising the consequences of their actions within that particular environment. I am here to chat or email if you ever need too xx I hope your goals get a good workout next year ! My goals are rather exercised based so I won't bore you with that;)

Alison said...

Thanks Bron.

Good luck with your exercise goals - I have absolutely NONE of those!

Missy said...

I think like you I am going to set year long hopes rather than a resolution. A resolution makes me feel like I have to achieve and like you fail miserably in the first week!
I think mine will be based around health and exercise! I want to get fit and healthy like Bron.
Hope your two goals are well and truly achieved x x

Heda said...

Good thoughtful choices. I too worry way too much. My resolution for this year is moderation. I was thinking in terms of food and beer but now I'm going to add worry to that list!

Ellen Stumbo said...

Oh goodness, those are convicting resolutions! I do too! And I really need to become a woman of prayer. big theme for me this year!

Mumofone said...

Hi - I've really only ever been a lurker on your site - though I have enjoyed reading your story - but I have to ask: Where did you go? Are you coming back? I do hope things are okay for you as you seemed to stop this blog so abruptly. At first I thought you might be having school holidays off but you haven't returned. If this is it - then I very much wish health and happiness to you all for the future.
Love Penny (an Internet reader who randomly found your blog and cared enough to stay)

mumofone said...

Oh dear. I've finally figured out that the problem was me! None of my internet devices seemed able to work out you had made any posts past this one. But by some fluke I was on my computer today and reloaded your page to find you HAVE been posting since the end of the year. So I have lots of catching up to do!