Monday, December 3, 2012

When I See You Smile {Writing Prompt}

Seriously - this week's writing topic is too easy - just look at this smile!  What's not to love???

When I see you smile - I smile. 
When I see you happy - I am happy. 
And when you laugh - what a delicious sound - I can't help but laugh too. 
I remember your very first smile.  It was September 2006 and you were 9 weeks corrected age (22 weeks actual) and had been home from hospital all of 4 days. You were lying beside Audrey and I was talking to you both when you gave us a hint of a smile.  It only lasted a few seconds but oh how it gave us hope.   
Maybe you knew who we were?   
Maybe you were happy in spite of everything you had been through?   
It was the first time you indicated that you were 'in there' after all those months in hospital.  
Early smiles - Dec 06 - 8 months actual / 5 months corrected

The best thing about your smile is that you do it every day.  It is a very rare day when you don't have at least one smile - and most days you have hundreds.  And seeing as your smile makes me smile this means that every single day - no matter what else is going on in my adult world - I have a reason to smile.


Anna said...

That is one beautiful smile!!

T said...

What a lovely post to read before work, and to start of my day.

One hec of a gorgeous smile! xx

Melissa said...

How lovely- that makes me smile too. i remember saying to a doctor, when Campbell was just a few days old, "will he be able to smile- if he can smile then everything will be OK". The doctor couldn't answer that at the time. Thank goodness for my determined boy who can smile, laugh, scream, shout appreciation and occasionally swear!! (glad to say that BLOODY is still Campbell's most offensive swear word). xxxxx

Eiluv2Write said...

: ) This made me smile! What a wonderful blog. Thank you!

Ellen Stumbo said...

And she makes me smile too! Seriously, I love this prompt! Lots and lots of smiles and LOVE to go around!

Kaz @ Melting Moments said...

What an infectious smile she has :)

The Trousdell Five said...

Ashlea REALLY does have an amazing smile!!!