Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan 18: At the end of the day {Writing Prompt}

At the end of the day when I flop on the couch in front of the TV two things remain true.

One - Ashlea still has a disability.  She still needs my care for absolutely everything.  She still needs constant kidney monitoring.   She will most likely never live independently.  She won't achieve any kind of worldly success.

Two - none of this matters.

At the end of the day what really matters is that one day Ashlea will be in heaven - healed and whole.  No more cerebral palsy.   No more blood tests to check her kidney function.  No threat of transplant rejection hovering in the wings.  None of that.

In the meantime, at the end of each day I am thankful for the gift that she is and for all that she teaches me - about love and life and what is really important.

At the end of the day she is a blessing and a delight and she enriches our entire family.

{Ellen Stumbo Writing Prompt}


Heda said...

Great post (and gorgeous pics of a gorgeous girl). Lots of good thoughs to take with me as I head to bed. In fact lots of good alternative thoughts to take with me instead of worrying about the things high on my list of worries. Thanx

Sara Duggan said...

Ashlea you have a precious smile - You truly are blessed with a fab angel from heaven dear Mama.

The Trousdell Five said...

"In heaven - healed and whole". What a beautiful way to say it Alison. So true.

Ellen Stumbo said...

I too wonder what it will be like when I see my girls without any limitations...and me too, because I know my heart is limited, and my disabilities might look different, but I am still broken :)

Sara said...

Alison, I am constantly in awe of your strength and love. XO

Rohleder said...

Very cute girl! Love her.