Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 21: The perfect day #3

This picture contains the all important elements for the perfect Ashlea day.

Pyjamas?  Check.

Ipad?  Check.

Dodo?  Check.

Singing cat?  Check.

Talking hamster?  Check (I couldn't find a replacement Talking Tom so this talking hamster that I found instead has taken her attention).

Just throw in a dip in the spa to make it perfect.

PS I hope you're all impressed by Santa's ability to find a Dodo AND a singing cat - I know I was!!


Missy said...

I am on the look out for another Talking Tom for her!! But I love the sound of Ashlea's perfect day!!!
She is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, I am bidding on a talking Tom on eBay for Ashlea. Would you be happy to email me and let me know your address on so I can have it posted directly to you. Otherwise I could have it sent to a mutual friend and ask her to pass it on if you would rather not give me your address.

Sara Duggan said...

Sounds like the perfect day - thanks for sharing it with us Ashlea. :)

Heda said...

That's a great pic of a great day.

Ronda said...

Hang on. Where's the duck?