Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan 28: Angels in Orange

Today we had a visit from some angels wearing orange.

We discovered our roof was leaking - at 5pm on a public holiday - with torrential rain forecast for the whole night ahead.  The only thing I could think to do was call the SES for advice.

They were so incredibly helpful.  They were at our house within 15 minutes - got up onto the roof and found the problem - fixed it, cleaned up the water pooling inside the roof AND unclogged a blocked gutter they found in the process.

 They even stood in the rain and let me take a picture of them :)

I have never had to call the SES before - and I thought I was being silly to call them in the first place - but they were SO helpful and we are so thankful that we won't have to sleep with a bucket in the middle of the bed to catch the rain drops.

Thank you Hills SES!


Missy said...

God bless the men in Orange!

Sharon Luhr said...

I think the SES are one of our most under-appreciated services. So glad they were able to help you guys.

Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition said...

Awesome times a thousand!