Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3: Play-Doh

We're living on the wild side these school holidays.

Today we got out the play-doh (not an activity I undertake lightly).  Ashlea has come so far - look at this:

I want to play!

Hands actually in the play-doh!

Can I lick it?

Somehow playing with play-doh degenerated into singing songs about poo - for some reason most activities in our house end up the same way.  Whatever - the kids were having fun and playing nicely together - can't complain about that.  Often Ashlea does her own thing so when she plays with her sisters it thrills me to bits.


Heda said...

Great pics. Beaut play space. All three look like they are enjoying their summer holiday.

Marie said...

Love this! Bet Ashlea could get Jack to get in the play doh.

Melissa said...

We love playdough too! Somehting that still makes me laugh is the year Joe got Ice- cream machine playdough and my great- aunt ate it!! She them complained that the ice- cream was a bit salty!! hahahaha.