Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 7: About time

Seeing as we spend time in the spa nearly every day I thought it was about time it appeared as the photo of the day.

It is surprisingly relaxing to bob around in the spa with the kids of an afternoon - although the more children you add into the mix the less relaxing it becomes.  I am trying to encourage a no splashing while Mummy's in the spa rule which definitely helps (when it gets observed).

We run the temperature pretty low so we can cool down in the summer heat and for tomorrow's forecast 43 degrees (109 for those in the US) we are running the temperature as low as it can go - although I think it might be too hot to even put a toe outside the air conditioned house.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

You had me at 'air-conditioned house'.

Prepare to be invaded! ;-)

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Love the spa pic! Fantastic opportunity for everyone x stay cool tomorrow xx

Alison said...

If you can stand driving in the heat you are more than welcome!!

Melissa said...

Splashing Mummy seems to be the best fun of all at my place!