Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 8: Need I say more?

It only got to 42 here today rather than the forecast 43 (that's 107 instead of 109 for those O/S). I didn't think it felt as bad as 42 should - probably because the humidity was low  - oh and because I was inside in the air conditioning all day except for a dip in the spa this afternoon.

Apparently 31.5 is the perfect spa temperature on a day like today!

I hope you all managed to stay cool and out of the way of bushfires.


Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition said...

lol, we have all 4 (yes 4; 1 in the house, 1 in my Learning Studio, and 2 in Hubby's machine-shop/workshop) going today. It may be hot outside, but its a lovely temp in here! (still feeling grateful that we have this luxury though).

Melissa said...

It did reach 43 in the Adelaide Hills and it was hard to find relief in a tent but we had fun trying :)