Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If Time Stopped {Writing Prompt}

Imagine if time stood still.

Even better - imagine if you could stop time at will?

The first time I'd use that super power would be at 7am so I could sleep for an extra hour without any consequences.

I'd stop it again at 5pm during the dinner / bath / bed rush hour so I could get all my afternoon jobs done and then sit down to a nice calm dinner with the kids.

It would get addictive though.

I'd pause it during my lunch break, whenever the kids were sleeping, whenever I was sleeping - whenever I needed more time.

What would make it even better though would be to be able to stop time AND everyone else - like Samantha used to on Bewitched.

Then the possibilities would really be endless!

Imagine being able to stop the world just after your child's doctor has told you something you really don't want to hear?

I'm sorry your twins need to be born today.

I'm sorry, she is very sick - we just have to wait and see.

I'm sorry, her kidneys are failing she will need a transplant.

Imagine having a moment where everyone else was frozen in time and you could scream at the doctor exactly what you thought of what they had just said?  That would be so therapeutic.

If you could when would you stop time?

{Ellen Stumbo Writing Prompt}


Big brother, Little sister. said...

What a great prompt! Beautiful writing. My initial thought would be to stop time at 715 on feb 7,2005 and then for fun stuff extend a sleeping thru night, stop time to really enjoy my kids as small as its going too fast!

Ellen Stumbo said...

Hmmm...yes, I would sleep longer, for as long as I wanted actually.

And I like the idea of stopping time to think things through, to make sense of what is going on.

If I could go back in time, I would like to stop time a little to be with the people I love that are now gone.

The Trousdell Five said...

I love the idea of stopping time to digest news. I immediately thought of stopping it at only the good times....but at the times when you have more news to make sense of than humanly possible, some extra time would be helpful!

Jenn said...

LOVE this post