Saturday, February 2, 2013

Walking In Her Shoes {Writing Prompt}

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to walk in someone else's shoes?  To live their life? Walk their path?

I am pretty sure there wouldn't be many takers if I offered people the chance to walk in my shoes even for just a day.


*insert sound of crickets chirping*

Don't worry - there are plenty of times I don't want to be walking in my shoes either.  Especially when my shoes are taking me to the Emergency Department or to a small room where I will have to hold my child down for a medical procedure (or be told something I really don't want to hear).

But you know what - there is something very freeing about walking the path that no one else wants to walk.  No one wants what we have - disability, sickness, lack of income - we live outside society's view of what is desirable.  The thing about walking this path is that it brings into sharp focus what is and isn't important - that is not something I would ever want to lose sight of. As much as I would love to have an easier road there is no way I would want to lose the perspective I have gained from this one.

I guess the tricky thing about this path though is that if you look down - at your old, battered shoes that pinch and hurt and at all the pot holes in the road - the temptation is to give up and fall into a pit of despair.  The thing that this path teaches is to keep your eyes focussed on what is ahead - on the unseen eternal glory that is coming - rather than the day to day drudgery of putting one foot in front of the other. The irony is that even as I type this I am aware of how much I have been 'looking down' lately rather than keeping my eyes on what is ahead - so this is a good reminder to keep my eyes on the prize.

Walking in these shoes has also allowed me to empathise just a little with other people who find themselves walking on a path not of their choosing.  I can't tell you how much it has meant to find people walking a similar path to me - I hope that I can be that in return for others.

So as much as other people probably wouldn't want to walk in my shoes I'm not sure I'd want to walk in theirs either.  These shoes, this path, this journey was designed specifically for me - only I can walk it and learn the lessons tailor made for me.

{Ellen Stumbo Writing Prompt}


Melissa said...

My shoes are comfy now that I have broken them in. I still get the odd blister though if I try to walk too far and push further than I can cope with. Ohhh the bliss of going barefoot for a little while- but not for too long. Nobody else could fit into my shoes as perfectly as me- I am just like Cinderella!!!
You do the most amazing job in your shoes Alison but I know they must pinch your toes and feel like they are too small for comfort sometimes. I hope they stretch enough to give your toes room breathe.

The Trousdell Five said...

Well said, Alison.

Marisha said...

Great post, Alison! I have often been comforted just knowing that God has my life planned. Right on down to the tiniest detail. Last night, I spoke to the kids about God just spoke everything into being. He is so powerful! There is nothing he cannot do. Put that together with the proven fact that he loves us so much he sent Jesus to die in our place. His power and his love are both at work in our lives. I may not have everything I want in this world, but those two things about God are always true. His plan is perfect for each and every one of us!

Ellen Stumbo said...

I would have never chosen this life I have know, a pastor's wife (me?) a special needs mom (me?)and all that comes with that. but now that I live it, I would not have it any other way.

Sy said...

Love this post, and it chimes in so well with what Trish had on today's Wordless wednesday.