Friday, March 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Discos

Last night was the school disco.  Usually it is a time of great excitement for Emma and Audrey.

Audrey was excited as usual and had a great time.

Another chance to wear a dress!!!

And a tiara!
 Emma not so much.

I'll wear a dress but not sandals!

Even though she was excited by the idea of the disco her anxiety prevented her from attending :(

I am so angry and frustrated that she has to suffer this anxiety and that it is stopping her doing things she previously enjoyed.  In some ways she is so fun and bright and outgoing - yet she is being paralysed by this anxiety.

Not many people get to see this Emma anymore

This has all come on since Murray's brain injury - what really gets me riled up is that the people involved in Murray's brain injury are not the ones feeling the consequences - we have been left to pick up the pieces.

*** For those who are wondering what we are doing to help with the anxiety - Emma has been gluten free for a month now with some improvement but not enough to blame all her quirks on gluten.  I think we need to try the full FailSafe diet to see if that helps.  If not we might need to look into medication options.  She is seeing the paed next week and a new psychologist the week after.  ***


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, I am so sorry your precious eldest is struggling so much xx it's no doubt understandable but indeed you need the right action taken to get her back to herself xx sorry I can't offer anything other than huge cyber hugs xx

Missy said...

Oh Alison....

Things seem to have certainly escalated since our visit last year.

It is so debilitating for Emma and I am really sorry to hear that she is struggling so much. I really hope that the real beautiful Emma gets to shine again soon.

It sounds like you may have to start some medications and that isnt a bad thing. Every little bit will help her.

I am sorry that this is added on to your already busy, hectic and stressful life.

hugs x

Heda said...

Audrey looks like she just stepped off the set of Alice in Wonderland. Hope she had fun at the disco. Young Emma is a conundrum. Great idea to try failsafe. You've probably tested for autoimmune. For a child to go so quickly from confident and outgoing to what she is now still makes me Think it is a physiological issue with an emotional/stress trigger and a few early adolescent hormones thrown in for good measure!

The Trousdell Five said...

I am so sorry Emma is going through this. I am sending you both strength and a big hug to you, mama.