Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Kidney-Versary Ashlea!

One year ago today Ashlea's life was transformed by the generous gift of a kidney from her dad.

The night before the transplant I took these photos of the girls:

28th March 2012

 I decided that last night we would try to replicate the photos:

28th March 2013 - Look how much I've grown!

A photo can't do justice to how well Ashlea is doing since transplant.  She is thriving.  She had kidney clinic last week and her creatinine is still a lovely 39 and all her other blood numbers are delightfully normal

She has always been a cheeky monkey but she has just blossomed over the last twelve months. She has so much energy now and is so much more aware of and interested in everything happening around her.  She can concentrate for a lot longer on her school work, her stamina for walking in her walker has increased to the point that she now spends all day in it in school and one obvious difference is that she has started growing - she finally cracked a metre in height in January!

I asked the girls what they thought the biggest change in Ashlea was since transplant:

Emma said: "how happy she is and how bossy she is";

Audrey said: "she used to be very quiet and now she's not.  She's got noisy.  She has grown. She has learnt how to walk."

Other friends have commented on her talking, her walking, her eye contact, how healthy she looks, how much energy she has and on her "fullness in body and spirit - her vibrancy and vitality".

What more is there to say?

She is healthy and living and thriving and loving life.

The only other thing that could be said is: donate life!  

Consider becoming an organ donor.  The slogan says you could give someone the gift of life - and that really is what you are giving them.  It's not just that they are still alive - it is that they get to live - really live - as a result.  Why wouldn't you want to give someone that gift?


ferfischer said...

Wow! a year already? seems like it was only yesterday and a hundred years ago all at the same time.

Sara Brunner said...

Awe Happy Kidney-Versary! Celebrating with you!

Heda said...

Wow she's one of them now - out there and engaged in the world! They are three wonderful girls.

Alice said...

Wow, Ashlea you are amazing! Alison, your girls are just gorgeous and I love the way they speak about each other.

I know this is a hard-won victory in so many ways but it is so good to see the transformation in Ashlea. We keep praying. x

Melissa said...

Happy kidneyversary! She looks incredible, and it fills me with joy. Daphne got her kidney 3 weeks ago and already I see some of the same signs in her - more energy, amazing appetite, healthy-looking smile. Here's to a healthier and healthier future!

Anonymous said...

Happy Kidney-Versary Ashlea!!May you enjoy life and thrive even more in the coming year.

I hope that there are so many blessings coming your way this year too Alison!

Warm regards,
Julie K

Anna said...

What a year it has been for you all. I love the two photos and how you can see the joy in both of the photos.
I hope this next year brings only good things xox