Friday, March 1, 2013

I Didn't Know {Writing Prompt}


I didn't know my life would be so much richer for having you in it.

I didn't know how much joy and delight I would get from celebrating your achievements.

I never dared believe that one day you would be able to do this:

I didn't know what a blessing you would be to our whole family.

I thank God every day for giving you to us.

{Ellen Stumbo Writing Prompt}


The Trousdell Five said...

She's amazing! Beautiful!

Deb said...

That walking gets me every single time! Oh, such happy tears.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Ashlea you are truly amazing as is your Mum xx

emaline85 said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That is soooooo exciting!!!!!
Amazing little girl you have there!

Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

Yay! Go Ashlea!

Heda said...

The look on Ashlea's face after walking all that way by herself is priceless. Wonderful idea to keep a video record for the memories and to show at her 21st but also so that you too can see that look on her face.

Kerri said...

Wow just wow. Go Ashlea!

K said...

This is so awesome!! Go Ashlea! :) She is amazing.

Becca said...

My word but she's grown! Some lovely bits of video on there.

From growing up with a friend with fairly severe athetoid CP (she can walk unaided as an adult, maybe 10 paces on average before she goes *rse over t*t) I've learnt the following Possibly Useful Thing: get Ashlea to cross her hands across her chest, or hold some small object with both hands, when she is walking without her walker. Keeping her hands close to her body and controlled will stop her from overbalancing herself and will make her much much more stable.

I wanted to check in with you: a photograph of Ashlea in her Kidwalk from way back when has turned up on Facebook with a really rather cheesy caption attached. I can't see any credit for the photo or evidence that it was used with your consent so I thought it might be sensible to check if you know it's there and such.

Hope you guys keep on doing well.


Alison said...

Becca - can you email me about that picture at alisona (at) aanet (dot) com (dot) au please?