Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Need Advice!!

I need advice on a few topics so thought I'd see what the the wisdom of the internets has to offer....where else would one go for good, quality information??

Here goes...

1.  I'm seriously considering switching to the blenderized diet for Ashlea ...

My gut is telling me it is probably a lot healthier for her than just having formula day in and day out but it seems like a lot of work.  A LOT of work.  Who does it?  Is it really that much work? What is your daily feeding regime and what 'recipes' do you use?  Are you completely formula free or do you use a bit of both?

Which brings me to my next point....

2. Thermomix....should I consider buying one?

They're so expensive but if I am doing the blenderized diet I wonder if it would be worth it?  Do you have one?  Is it worth it?  Am I crazy to even consider parting with that much money for a kitchen appliance??

3.  Birthday Parties

Am I crazy to hire a jumping castle and try and have 3 kids birthday parties on the same day?  I am thinking of having an 'open house' type of party with birthday cake for Ashlea at 11am, Audrey at 1pm and Emma at 3pm.  Too crazy???

And lastly...

4.  How long before this venture goes pear-shaped??

Tomorrow Ashlea has a full day of appointments at the hospital (which is fine - nothing new there) but as well as the wheelchair we need to take the walker, the wedge and our purple bin.  I am planning on going on my own as Murray has Tafe.  Ashlea is keen to walk while I wheel 'the stuff' in her chair. How far do you think we'll get before Ashlea is crawling on the floor and I have had to abandon the pile of goods and chase after her?? Wish me luck!!


Heda said...

All excellent questions that alas I can't answer. Best of luck with the hospital visit. I'm really just commenting to say it's another lovely happy pic of Ashlea.

Alison said...

Thanks Heda - all the Thermomix discussion has taken place on facebook!!

Ashlea is disturbingly happy to have the day off to go to the hospital.

Missy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my thermomix..highly recommend it and it would be fab for a blenderized diet.

Love the pic x

Julie C said...

Great idea to do the 3 in 1 Birthday Party. Everyone will be Exhausted but this is the norm and you can truely relax afterwards knowing that you don't have to think about another party for 365 days! I'm sure you'll also get lots of help all day long from us available blog readers. (From a crazt mum who has always organised 3 separate parties for her kids).

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Yes to blending. Yes to thermomix. No to an open house party. 4.5 mins till crawling and leaving equipment in a hallway.

I have seen kids go from formula to blending and they looked amazing! The difference in just their skin was really dramatic. Yes it's expensive but a tool the whole family can use!
I would have the party in one hit, one cake time!
Hope the hospital visit goes well xxxxx

Louise said...

Yes to the blenderized diet.

One of the blogs I follow has just posted an update about the wonderful effects it's had on her son


Good luck with the hospital visit!

the family of mannchester estate said...

yes to blenderized. i JUST started a blog to document the change and how it was great for us.
since we are in a different county, i don't know about the blender. we have a blendtec, and they give a huge medical discount. you might contact thermomix to see if your doctor sent paperwork, if they would be willing to give a discount. i can say you need an awesome blender.
and as far as hard/easy-we find it pretty easy overall. shilo eats what we eat. i don't know if you have a special diet, but you could just mix whatever she would eat by mouth and push it through the tube. you do not have to do something special for it.
new blog is beautyandtheblender.blogspot.com feel free to comment, ask questions, and so on and so forth.
you may have already found it, but on facebook there is a page 'blenderized diet for tubies' that is fantastic as well.

Marc David Bonagura said...

Do you have access to raw milk? I would investigate any local groups or farmers for that. Much healthier than formula. Raw goat milk is the best there is (very easy to digest and full of nutrients) and raw cow's milk is great, too. I'd be careful with the blending if I'm understanding that correctly.

Jill said...

Hi Shasta at Outrageous Fortune sent me over. My daughter is starting the kidney transplant process and she also had a stroke. We do Blenderized Diet and love it. It can be a little more work but once you get a base recipe down and just have to tweak the protein, veggies and fruits it is wonderful. I would not recommend using raw milk as Marc suggested especially for your kidney transplanted child. My daughter was a healthy 23 month old before I gave her raw milk to drink. Got ecoli from it and developed HUS which caused her stroke and kidney failure in addition to other complications. Raw milk is not for children.

Alison said...

Thanks for your input Jill. Do you have a blog or facebook page - I'd love to follow your daughter's story. I am friends with Shasta on facebook - come and find me!!

Wow - what a story you guys have to tell. No way will I be giving my immune suppressed child raw milk!

Marc David Bonagura said...

Dear Alison,
I said "investigate" not "give."

There is much misinformation regarding raw milk.

I do not know the situation in your country, but here in the US, raw milk is only legal in a few places and people come from all over the the country, driving hundreds of miles, to get it, specifically for children with serious health problems, especially severe allergies and other immune problems.

Raw milk contains Probiotics and other healthy bacteria to build up their gut flora which essentially IS the immune system.

At least I hope, she can eat yogurt or other foods containing Probiotics as there are many.

I meant no harm with my comments. I wish you only the best. I have followed your story with great interest over the years.

If people are telling you raw milk is dangerous, they are not telling you the truth. Of course, you intuition and wisdom should always be the last word on any such matter!

As long as you know the source and the farmer and that they have a good reputation in the community, there are never any problems. You have to speak with other parents who've used it if you wish to know more.

God Bless you all,

There are sites in case you are at all interested:



Marc David Bonagura said...

Last word, sorry, regarding the "blending." I hope they would not suggest blending anything raw such as vegetables or greens or anything like that--unlike raw milk--raw spinach, for example, could kill someone with a compromised immune system, due to harmful bacteria on the plants. I may not be understanding blending correctly though. All the best!

Alison said...

Thanks for your comments Marc. The blended diet is just regular food whizzed up in a blender (after being cooked). It is an alternative to just giving formula.

I wouldn't even know where to get raw milk in Australia but would definitely consider giving yoghurt and probiotics. Actually my oldest needs that too :)

Cici Stacy said...

wish you the best of luck, and I like the thermomix too, thanks for sharing