Friday, March 8, 2013

Where I Belong {Writing Prompt}

Ashlea in the early days of therapy... many of us have owned one of these chairs...?

I remember early on in our journey with disability I would take Ashlea to therapy activities and all the while I'd be thinking We don't belong here!  Actually I wasn't so much thinking it as silently screaming it inside my head.  Group activities were particularly difficult - seeing Ashlea among other children with disabilities - often severe disabilities just broke my heart.

Not my Ashlea.

Not like this. 

We don't belong here!!

After awhile though I realised we did belong there.  We so belonged there!  Ashlea really was disabled - significantly so.  I couldn't deny it - we were part of the disability community.

The surprising thing that I also discovered was that it is OK to belong here. 

It is OK to not get the fairy tale ending.

Life can still be very, very sweet here in the land of disability.  There is a richness to life and an appreciation of what is really important that comes from belonging here - and also some incredibly inspiring children and parents to hang out with.

In some ways though my original thought that we don't belong here still holds true.  This earth, this worldly place of suffering and sorrow is not where I will find ultimate belonging - there is a much better place still to  come - a place where every tear will be wiped away and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.  Knowing that this world isn't all there is - and that my true home is still to come - is the thing that gets me through days like today where I have heard about a 2 year old warrior losing his battle with kidney disease and another tiny baby just starting theirs.

Thank God that we don't really belong here and that there is something far more wonderful to come.

{Ellen Stumbo - Writing Prompt}


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Our chair was red and I rejected it. It was only at the surf day on Sunday that I finally admitted belonging. Then we go back to all coops mainstream settings and i forget for a moment. Beautiful post and what a cute baby pic!

Melissa said...

I too remember sitting in the NICU thinking "this isn't my life!" Sometimes I feel like I don't belong in 'mainstream'- often the sense of belonging is warmer and more comforting within Campbell's domain. I love these writing prompts and always appreciate your reflections xx

The Trousdell Five said...

Yes, we had that chair for a while, then we didn't, then we brought it back into the rotation again! Beautiful post.

Julie and Jayden's Adventures said...

Nicely said. Bring on that day!