Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

- my three girls;

- however many days I get to have with each of them - even though the knowledge that none of those days is guaranteed is terrifying;

- the gracious gift of organ donation and the doctors and donors who make it possible;

- Ashlea's medical team who keep a close eye on her kidney;

- the girls upcoming birthday party this weekend and the fact that I have managed to outsource nearly all of the party preparation to my friends (although the weather forecast is for a ferocious storm for Saturday - EEK);

- all you wonderful friends who under the guidance of the lovely Frances are raising money for me to get a Thermomix - thank you all for your generosity;

- the chance to sleep in and not have to rush in the mornings due to school holidays;

- that my change in working hours came through just in time for the school holidays - I now only work Mondays - except of course for when we have appointments on Mondays;

- time to hang out with the children these holidays.  I don't think we've left the house yet but we have managed to:

Set up Emma's birthday present.
Ashlea's comment: Mum this fish is Freaking Me Out!!

Play Doctors - such great imaginative play from Ashlea

We had to play dentist too - with the Hi-Lo Chair
as the dentist's chair

The dentist and her surprisingly co-operative patient.
We'll see if it carries over when we go to the actual dentist next week!

Unwisely I introduced Emma to Monopoly.
She thrashed me - here she is gloating over her winnings.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday


Melissa said...

OH hurray to getting the 'walking' balloon up and in motion!! Looks like such fun.

Heda said...

Whatever a walking balloon is it looks brilliant. Minecraft and Monopoly. What's next...Mousetrap?
I'm thankful for the small things that get me throught the day. For still being able to work. For the roof over my head. The food on my table. My trusty old car (best thing I ever bought). Oh and maybe for the people in my life!

Alison said...

Heda - it's actually a remote controlled helium balloon - called an Air Swimmer. It's a lot of fun!

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for! That balloon looks like a lot of fun!! Thank you for linking up with me today!

Anna said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from Thankful Thursday link-up.

Great list! I just love the pictures!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

That fish looks awesome and indeed a good freak out your sibling thing! Happy school holidays! I am thankful that we are less snotty and coughy today than yesterday!

Di said...

Love love PJ days. Just what holidays are for. Good luck at the dentist next week. Sounds like Ashlea will be well prepared :-). I am thankful that it's the weekend and that I amazingly survived our first week back at school for the term - without even being late once (amazing for us!). x Di

Sylvia said...

Oh my goodness! Three adorable little girls all in a row! You do have your plate full. I looked around a little bit and want to come back when I have more time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. God Bless you and your family.

I'd love for you to link up at my Friendship Friday!

Hayley said...

I've been reading your blog for about a month or two, and I love reading it. I'm not your typical reader, I'm not a mom and I don't know anyone with disabilities. But I love reading your blog, because it's so inspirational and motivational. Ashlea's success story is so amazing, can't wait to read more. :)

Anonymous said...

THANKS for tweeking our computer in our school holidays, (an online form worked too). You all look like you are having fun in your school holidays. I tried to book most of us in for the dentist but he was on holidays. If only we knew you had dentists too.....Nemo included!

(Comment: 'test 2' is mine whilst I was trying to pass the robot test.) THANKS AGAIN from Fay.