Monday, April 8, 2013

Writing Prompt(s)

Ellen set 5 writing prompts this week to keep us all busy while her daughter recovers from surgery. Rather than write a big post about one of them I'm going to write a little bit about each.

Writing Prompt #1: Something I Lost

My sanity.  That went a long time ago.

Definitely my anonymity.  It is pretty hard to be inconspicuous with Ashlea - the equipment alone draws attention - let alone the hysterical laughing and loud bossing.

The freedom to be flexible.  There are some things that must be done - like make formula and give medications - it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing - those things need to be done.  As for packing up on a whim and going somewhere - well that is fine - once you've packed a tonne of equipment and checked in advance that your destination is going to be accessible!

Writing Prompt #2: What Drives You Crazy

Parents who send sick kids to school.  I don't mean your garden variety runny nose as Ashlea is immune suppressed and has a permanent runny nose - rather I am talking about kids who are vomiting, have fevers or chicken  pox or something else nasty for transplant patients. It's not their kids who will end up in hospital is it???

Writing Prompt #3: Looking Up

Things are looking up for me in regards to work.  I have asked my boss if I can reduce my hours to just one day a week and he is very supportive.  The only thing we are waiting on is for it to go through HR.  Let's hope it goes through quickly as I am a woman on the edge!!

Writing Prompt #4: In My Pocket

A used tissue (see post #2).

A hair tie - in case my hastily straightened hair comes into contact with even the tiniest drop of water and needs restraining before it develops into a 'fro.

Writing Prompt #5: Watching Through A Window

I often feel like I am watching through a window while everyone else is living their lives.  Other people's lives move on, their kids grow up and become more independent - yet we seem to stay in the same spot.  Ashlea will always be this dependent on me.  Life will always be this complicated (if not more so).  I suspect this is as good as it gets - not that 'this' is necessarily 'bad' - it's just the way things are.

Thanks Ellen for the Writing Prompts


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison
I really enjoy reading your blog and am always amazed at your strength. I hope HR approves your drop in work days. Hopefully you will find a little of your sanity again.
Take care.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, you made me smile thinking of you with a fro!!! I was just talking to a psych the other day about lack of spontainatey it is overwhelming sometimes all the planning life involves sometimes xxxx

ferfischer said...

I totally know what you mean about watching through the window! And also about being inconspicuous... I hope your work stuff will work out!

Anonymous said...

Technically, watching through your window just sees people madly commuting, being a taxi service, or repairing the power thingy. Unless you mean the kitchen window. Mmmm. It's when you watch people through the window in a holiday villa in Bali that you become envious. But then you would be in Bali as well so would have no need to be envious. I think I may have taken this too literally. I better leave the blogging to you. I will honk my horn next time I drive by so that you can watch another frantic dash. I better sign this as anonymous as well so as to remain one of your obscure friends that are out there. Driving by. Seeing the blue flicker in the window. Annoying the neighbours as I beep at 1am in the morning.

Alison said...

Just as well I know who you are in real life 'anonymous' otherwise that would have to be the most stalker ish comment I've ever had!!!

Ellen Stumbo said...

I always love your writing. And you even throw in a little humor (I had a fro on Monday due to rain, so un-cool hanging out with high schoolers).

Di said...

Lovely words Alison. I can identify so much with this x Di