Saturday, May 11, 2013

Le Cat-astrophe

Tom has lost his voice.  He no longer repeats
what you say (which is the whole point of Tom)

We tried Emergency Surgery

But our efforts were in vain.

What magic words do you think I used to soothe my distressed child?

You guessed it.

It's OK Ashlea - I'll buy another one*

* You may remember that last time Ashlea killed a Tom I couldn't work out how to ship another one to Australia. I have since found a way to do it and now not only does Ashlea own Tom she also owns Ben, Angela, Ginger and Singing Tom.  We are single handedly keeping the company in business!


Heda said...

How cute is that?!!

Felicity said...

Oh no!! Tom has been through so much with Ashlea couldn't he just hold out a little longer?? She looks so distressed, the poor darling. Will Ben, Angela, Ginger or Songing Tom soothe the heartache?

Alison said...

Felicity - sadly when Ashlea decides that Tom and only Tom is the one nothing will calm her down.

The post script to this is that I forgot I had a spare Tom tucked away in the cupboard from last time this happened so we are all good for now - except that I no longer have a backup Tom so I think I will order another one just to be safe!

Sandra said...

that is so sad! And such an expressively tragic face!!!

Isn't there a nerd boy out there somewhere who could fix his voice?

melissa date said...

I'm not sure that you found a very competent surgeon- the gloves don't appear to fit very well for starters! Thank goodness for the back up. I feel your pain...our latest obsession is the Olsen twins!

Alison said...

Ha ha Melissa - I will take Tom over the Olsen twins any day. I wonder how much it would cost to ship them to Australia??

PS I was the surgeon - I was trying to superglue a lead back into his belly - hence the gloves. I didn't want to superglue my fingers together :)

Big brother, Little sister. said...

So glad you have found your backup! Priceless pics too!
I'll take minecraft or futurama over Tom and those Olsen twins!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you written to the company that makes Tom and told them of Ashlea's love for him and how he helps her? A letter would be truly appreciated by the company, as learning what an impact Tom has would be an amazing testimony and surely make those who have created and work on Tom feel good. addition, you might just get a 'thank you' from them ;)


The Trousdell Five said...

Oh my goodness, the photos say it all! She is sooo cute!

K said...

Those pictures might very well be the most tragic pictures I've ever seen....that face! Miss Ashlea is adorable! Glad everything worked out!

Anna said...


My son has a elephant on his play mat that has a little ring attached. He tugged it and it played music. He loved it to death. He still tries to get it to play even after months of being broken!