Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random post - so random it includes the national anthem...

So...aside from attempting to be thankful on Thursdays this blog has been pretty quiet lately.

It's hard to know what to write about.  Now that the drama of the transplant has died down we are just getting on with life.  Most of last year was spent in a bit of a fog but I have tried to get back on top of things this year.  I figure this is 'how things are' now so I should get on with life.

The problem is 'how things are' is not always easy to accept.  Lately in particular the black dog has been nipping at my heels (biting my arse more like it) as the weight of responsibility feels overwhelming at times.  Those are the times I feel the need to visit Ikea or browse the Tupperware catalogue.  Surely creating order in one small space of my life will make the rest of it feel ordered???

In the middle of difficult days though I can count on Ashlea to come out with something so totally random it makes me laugh and lifts my spirits.

Here is today's offering... Do you think perhaps something is getting lost in translation???

PS I know when I insert youtube clips they don't get included when the blog gets emailed so I am trying to insert this one directly.  Let's see if it makes a difference.


Deb said...

Hey, she has good pitch!

Missy said...

oh I just love her to bits xxx

Alison I wish I lived closer so I can help out with that dam black dog!

Hugs to you xx

ferfischer said...

So cute! I just love her. It helps I'm not familiar with national anthems, I think.

Sylvia said...

Encore! Encore! I have no idea what you National Anthem should sound like but I think she did a great job! I found this today. May be it will help you a little too!


Sandra said...

tune is great, shame about the words but some of them are a bit archaic.

melissa date said...

Oh No!! I think I have been singing it wrong!! Big points for her enthusiasm. Hang in there Alison :)

Anonymous said...

Those notes sound excellent!!!!!!!!! She also has great strength to them as well!!! So that only leaves sayings like......'Our home is girt by sea'.....or that we have ..... 'wealth for toil'......or even that we are 'In history's page'?

Brilliant job Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from Fay

Anonymous said...

I had to look up the Australian anthem on Youtube since I'd never heard it, but wow, she does have good pitch! Didn't you post a video of her singing a Christmas song a while back, I seem to remember she was great there as well? I can't carry a tune to save my life, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who can ;) Great job Ashlea!