Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday 30th May

This week I am thankful for...

- Julie;

Practically Perfect...

- being in the presence of Julie;

- getting to sing with Julie (the whole audience - not just me);

- a hair cut - the first one in a year;

- a night out without kids;

- the chance to catch up with some kidney mums who get it.  Sometimes I wonder if we sound like we are speaking another language when we start in on our kidney chatter;

- the chance to catch up with some special needs mums who get it.  Our conversation included such statements as $665 for x?  Wow that's cheap!  It's all relative in the land of disability - we decided that if it is less than $1000 that is the non-special-needs equivalent of being less than $100;

- finding out about some electricity discounts we are eligible for that I didn't know about;

- Thermie has been ordered;

- living close to the hospital so that when I run out of meds 4 days before our next appointment it isn't TOO onerous a task to make a special trip - and the thoughtful pharmacist who arranged outside scripts for some of the meds so that now there are only two that HAVE to come from the hospital - which will hopefully save me having to make quite so many extra trips;

- a productive excursion with the school OT to JB Hifi - we are going to try and get Ashlea this touch screen computer for school.  I want Ashlea to start doing all her school work on the computer.  Realistically she is never going to be able to hand write - learning to use a computer is a much more achievable goal.

We got excited by how far back the screen goes.  We
will NOT be using that keyboard or mouse though!


Kerri Ames said...

I bet you gave Julie a run for her money. But where is the pic of the new haircut?

Sylvia said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I wish we lived near our hospital! We're 2 hours away. I love my country home but it takes 30 minutes to get anywhere and there aren't many opportunities for Bethany as she gets older. We are seriously contemplating moving closer to Albany, NY. I'll be praying that Ashlea gets her touch screen very soon That will be awesome!