Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Bike Ride

Ashlea had a clinic appointment today.  Unlike most clinic appointments this was a FUN one - at the bike clinic run by Technical Aid for the Disabled.  TAD are a great organisation of volunteers that make or modify all sorts of equipment for people living with disability. You may remember they made Ashlea's bed.

Have a look at this little bit of awesome bike riding.  This is Ashlea's first time EVER on a bike.  She loved it - she even kind of got the idea of pedalling.  The concept of steering is still a work in progress but she had so much fun - we will definitely be buying her a bike like this!

Today I am thankful for:

- great organisations like TAD who make this possible;

- Ashlea's progress - not just her physical ability to pedal the bike, but her understanding and enjoyment of being able to ride a bike just like her sisters;

- generous gifts given that allow us to buy the bike without having to wait for funding.  I haven't yet spent all the money Murray's work gave us last year - I think this bike is a very worthy cause for it to go towards;

- the opportunity to take Murray to a Brain Injury Australia meeting so we could meet other people living with Acquired Brain Injury;

- flu shots done and dusted;

- more people who humour Ashlea's Tom obsession;

Tom having his flu shot

Don't worry - he also got a turn on the bike

- plans drawn up and signed for the great bathroom modification;

- a quick trip to IKEA - seeing all those storage options is just so therapeutic;

- only TWO SLEEPS until Julie!!!

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Thankful Thursday


Sylvia said...

I'm so glad you have so much to be thankful for! I'm happy for Ashlea that she is going to get a bikee and is doing so well. Hoping the conference is fun and helpful. Come back with some helpful hints for me in dealing with Bethany! LOL!

Ellen Stumbo said...

I love the video and that cute little voice! Also, that handle on the bike would come in handy for us!