Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's been a challenging week in our house with recalcitrant behaviour from both my 9 year old daughter and my 14 year old car but there is still much to be thankful for, including:

- botox treatments to reduce the spasticity in Ashlea's legs;

Tom had to come to botox too

- government programs that cover the cost of expensive treatments like botox;

- doctors and nurses with a sense of humour.  When we rolled Ashlea over to begin the injections she did the most massive fart right at the doctor.  So forceful was it that the nurse who is completely deaf still knew about it because she felt the reverberations;

- the wonders of midazolam;

All midaz'd up and ready to go...Mummy was a
wee bit jealous...

- packages in the mail - especially when they come from friends living in the chocolate capital of the world;

Yum - who wants to help me eat it all??

- the anticipation of Mother's Day.  The girls LOVE buying me crap treasures at the school stall. This year I tried to encourage them to choose something USEFUL.  Ashlea decided she wanted to buy me a Dodo - a Dodo that I would then give to her.  So in actual fact what I am getting on Mother's Day is a tantrum when there is no Dodo for her;

- buying myself some new pyjamas for Mother's Day so I've got something nice to wear when I crawl back into bed to try to get away from the tantrum;

- the blessing it is to have my children and my mum to celebrate Mother's Day with.

** I'm not sure if there will be a link up for Thankful Thursday this week - the host's daughter went to be with Jesus last weekend and the funeral is today.  Please keep them in your prayers**

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Missy said...

Laughed myself silly at Ashlea post Midaz....funniest pic ever!

I myself am thankful to have met you x