Monday, June 24, 2013

Caring Takes Strength...

Does anyone else have the urge to throw their remote at the TV when the panadol ad comes on?

You know - the one with the mum and baby and the tag line 'caring takes strength...and sometimes it takes panadol'.


Seriously - they think panadol is going to cut it?

Apart from the irony that they're talking about how it's safe to give your one month old baby panadol - yet my babies had no choice but to start life with a solid dose of vancomycin, gentamicin, morphine, dopamine and indomethacin just to name a few - this ad drives me nuts.

Caring takes panadol?

Caring takes balls.

And wine.

It takes guts and determination and perseverence and a warped sense of humour.

Panadol doesn't come into it.

Anyone else got an ad that makes them want to punch their TV?


Deb said...

:) I'm going to snort now every time I see that ad.

Anonymous said...

For some women who have disabled children caring takes money. The NDIS will help. The same women suffer at school where extra teaching staff are required and Gonski will help.

Being a female PM who REALLY cares about caring - takes strength.

Alison said...

Totally agree Anonymous.

Who are you??? Is Julia Gillard leaving anonymous comments on my blog?

Sandra said...

I read this book after my mother died.I wish I'd read it before then.

If you can't get a copy thru the library let me know and I'll send you one. If you've got a warped sense of humour you're half way there.

Alison said...

Sandra that book looks hilarious - I'm definitely going to try and get my hands on a copy!

Di said...

Haha. I don't watch commercial TV, ever, so I haven't even seen the ad. But I am sure I'd be punching the TV too. And I love that the PM is commenting incognito on your blog! ;-)

ferfischer said...

oh hahahaha! I also love the comment by Anonymous. Well done Anonymous! We don't have that ad but I would punch the TV too. And I agree about the wine.

Missy said...

Wow...sounds like you really do have Julia reading your blog.

NDIS-well we will have to wait and see if it really delivers what it promises because I am afraid some of us wont be better off??

Yes Alison, what a load of crap! I hate the nurofen one (I think?) that goes on about helping your baby sleep through the night...why dont the just continue to encourage people to drug their baby's to sleep! Nice work-not!

Yep caring takes a little bit more than panadol!!!

Sandra said...

Alison - I borrowed the book from Rockdale library - if your locallibrary doesn't have it you may be able to get it thru inter library loan. Let me know if you can't get a hold if it.

The NDIS - it is going to be interesting. I'm sort of wondering if it is going to be a bit like when they threw all that money into school buildings - some places ended up with a one size fits all option that was really unsuitable for the needs of their school. There is definintely no one size fits all when you are talking about disabilities.

Anonymous said...

Love the baby in the panadol ad! Seen panadol bring down many, many temperatures. Glad that the majority of babies born in our country survive beyond 5.

RE anonymous ,anonymous comment: Hey, that would probably be one pretty good way to research the needs of families and individuals. Just read their blogs as a start. Plus, your family has been on TV a few times. I wonder if you really do have the Prime Minister reading your blog.
From Fay.

business grants australia said...

Haha. I don't watch business Tv, ever, so I haven't even seen the notice. Anyhow I am certain I'd be punching the Tv as well. Furthermore I cherish that the Pm is remarking in disguise on your site! ;-)