Monday, June 17, 2013

Conversations with Ashlea...

Ashlea is a lovely little chatterbox.

We have many interesting conversations - here are a few snippets.

Me:  How was school today Ashlea?

Ashlea:  Miss C (her teacher) give me 3 try-harder faces :(


Ashlea:  I want a toy Elmo

Me: Well, you will have to do some good behaviours to earn the toy (she has to not chew her shirt at school and not get any try harder faces to earn Elmo)

Ashlea:  I got to be a haviour 


Me:  Ashlea what was the story about in Sunday School today?

Ashlea:   Jesus!  (she knows she can't go wrong with that answer)

Me:  What did Jesus do???

Ashlea:  Come down from that tree!  (pretty easy to work out that story - anyone want to have a guess?)


Day 1 of illness...

Ashlea: I got a sore head

Day 3 of illness...

Ashlea:  Mummy!  Get my ipad!  I sick.  I can't go to school.


I love our little conversations - even the ones that result in a 30 minute tantrum like the time I told her she wasn't allowed to go to the moon.

What a little delight she is.


Missy said...

She seriously has the BEST sense of humour ever!!

I love it!!

Love her to bits!

Anonymous said...

I'll guess! It was the recant of Zacchaeus up a tree trying to catch a glimpse of Jesus and Jesus asking him to get down in Luke chapter 19. from Fay

The Trousdell Five said...

What a doll she is!! I love the Ashlea-isms!