Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday 13th June

This week I am thankful for:

- a lovely catch up with a lovely friend;

- a new pillow to solve all my worldly problems - well all my neck pain problems anyway;

- a special outing for Audrey to see Vivid with Aunty Carolin;

So exciting to be out late at night!

- our first dip in the spa for the winter;

Nice and toasty

- Thermomix sticky date puddings for Murray's birthday - they are too good - that thing really should come with a complementary gym membership;

- Ashlea's Second Skin appointment - I am really hopeful the suit will help with her posture and balance (at $2000 per suit it better!!);

- salt free bread;

- an appointment with Emma's psychologist to discuss 'strategy';

- panadol - Baby Duck has a temperature - I am thankful for easy access to medication and a fantastic hospital nearby if it comes to that;

- a school photo WIN for Ashlea - how good is this?  I haven't got the other girls pictures yet or the highly anticipated family photo - I am hoping it's as good as last year;

Best school photo ever!

- a Talking Tom WIN for My Sanity (and wallet).  Aldi are stocking Talking Tom's next week as a special item.  We are on our 3rd Tom since Christmas (they are not built to withstand Ashlea's intense love). The question is how many will I stock up with?  2?  3??  Is 4 too many???

Thankful Thursday


Big brother, Little sister. said...

I would go for 5! But I am an Aldi addict ;) x fantastic school pic and that caramel sauce is so good but I can't even say the Ingredients out loud without getting a sugar headache! ;) happy birthday to Murray x

Deb said...

I just flung open your blog in my browser to check whether you knew Tom was going to be on sale!!! That's Ashlea's influence for you - people who have never met you get excited when they see a Tom on sale and rush to tell you!

Sandra said...

10 Toms. Definitely.

Alison said...

Thanks Deb - lots of people have told me about Tom in Aldi which is great as I don't shop there much anymore so wouldn't have realised. I'll be there early on Wednesday morning!

Anonymous said...

I had to look up 'Vivid'. It is hard to believe they can do all that to Sydney. Audrey and Aunt Caroline must have loved it.

Happy Birthday Murray!!!

Ashlea knows what smile means.

I have no guess on Toms but I do hope no shopping trolleys are dented in the rush to get there.
from Fay

Jacana said...

I am with you on the new pillow - nothing better.

Missy said...

She looks so grown up here in her school photo!!!