Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday 6th June

Today I am thankful for...

- my new slippers - I can't tell you how much I love them.  I promised my friend when I bought them that I would only wear them around the house...and maybe to school drop off....but in reality I have worn them all day every day since buying them;

Wearing slippers at the post office...after school drop off, and the
the RTA, the bank, the GP...

- a SWING WIN.  We finally had our FAF funding request approved.  They will be providing $2k towards Ashlea's swing and the Smile Foundation have given us $1k towards it.  Just in time too - at nearly 20kg Ashlea is getting a bit too chubby for the baby swing at the neighbour's house;

- Thermie has landed.  I promise not to become one of those thermomix converts who constantly posts pictures of their cooking but I at least had to take photos of my very first creations:

No Added Salt bread rolls...

NAS Pumpkin soup to go with the rolls...

Vanilla custard...just because it's delicious...

Gluten Free Dairy Free "Sponge Cake"

Chicken with cashew nuts...a bit scary to use ALL the functions of the
thermie in one meal when you're a newbie

NAS flat bread.  I made a gluten free version of this that didn't
work quite so well

- all of you who contributed to Project Thermie - which also became Project Tupperware - THANK YOU;

- our new parents of special needs prayer group that started at church last night;

- a cancellation at my hearing and balance specialist so I could get my hearing tested - my good ear has been making strange little noises - but as my hearing in that ear is still 'bat like' (that's the doctor's exact medical terminology) - he said not to worry at this stage;

- stable kidney function and an uneventful clinic visit for Ashlea;

- getting Emma into this workshop at the Powerhouse Museum these coming school holidays.  It is for girls her age to get together to make a minecraft music video - totally up her alley!

Thankful Thursday


melissa date said...

How many people actually contributed to thermie?
What's wrong with posting photos of food?!
Drew's keen to do the Powerhouse workshop too.

Alison said...

I just read through my emails from Frances who organised it all and counted at least 25 people!

Alison said...

PS I love your photos of food - always so stylish.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Nothing wrong with food or thermie pics!!!! They look awesome and gives me inspiration!! Reminds me that indeed its okay to wear ugg slippers anywhere!!!!

Missy said...

Your dinners look delish!

You are one up on me, I havent been game enough to go all parts of the thermie at once yet, I am such a baby!!

Yummo, glad you are enjoying it x