Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday - 25th July

This week I am thankful for...

- a quiet week with very few appointments - including one ENTIRELY appointment free day;

- the therapeutic benefits of baking - it has overtaken tidying as my therapy of choice;

This week I have enjoyed raisin bread, banana bread, apple tea cake,
and chocolate cake to name but a few...

 - no late notes despite this being Ashlea at 8:15 on most school mornings;

- a win for Emma with a credit certificate in both the Science and Computer competitions at school;

- Peppa Pig tickets secured - well I think so anyway.  To get the accessible seating we had to do a special booking - I have not yet received confirmation we actually have tickets but my credit card appears to have been debited so here's hoping.  Now - how hard do you think it would be to get to meet Peppa? The concert itself is likely to freak Ashlea out but she is a HUGE Peppa fan and would love to meet Peppa to give her a cuddle.  Any ideas?

 - a new home found for Ashlea's first walker.  I have decided to donate it to Blair's Wish - a charity that finds equipment for children with special needs.  In theory I could sell it but people have been so overwhelmingly generous to us that I just can't sell it.  I hope everyone from our old church who raised the money for it are happy with this (let me know if you aren't!).  Ashlea has outgrown it developmentally and physically and it is such a shame for it to sit and gather dust when there are other families who could use it;

First Walker - approx cost $5K - would love it to help another family
who need one but can't afford it - just as we were helped when our Gladesville
church family bought it for us.

- Ashlea's new Second Skin suit.  The photos aren't great but they give you an idea of what it is like.  It is supposed to help her posture and balance as it forces her to use the correct muscles for sitting and walking rather than relying on her increased tone;

If anyone wonders why we need an NDIS see above cost for
walking frame plus this suit that cost $2K.

Yes it has ducks on it - pink ducks

Thankful Thursday


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh my they look so little in the walker pic! Love her new suit! Coop is going for one too next month, can't wait! Love your new therapy baking!!!!

Gem Apartments said...

Alison, why don't you just email Peppa Pig?

I emailed the Wiggles at the height of their success and said my son was coming to the concert and had had a kidney transplant five months prior. Any chance of a meet / greet?

And they did it - no probs. We shared the meet / greet with Deborah Messing and her daughter (don't know why she was in Brisbane).


jviola79 said...

Beautiful post but I think what spoke to me the most was your generous spirit. May God continue to bless you & provide for the needs of your family! I visited from Thankful Thurs.

Sylvia said...

I'm sure everyone is enjoying the fruits of your therapy! That is quite the suit but she sure does look cute in it! What is NDIS

Blair's Wish said...

MANY MANY THANKS to The Austin Family for most generously choosing to donate the KIDWALK to Blair's Wish. We are a small volunteer run charity located on the NSW Central Coast that operate an Equipment Loan Pool of essential special needs equipment for children with a physical disability. All equipment loaned is done so at no cost to our families. The kidwalk will become a valued part of our loan pool and will no doubt go on to benefit many families. Many children will now know the simple pleasure of taking that very first step.

Di said...

oh her suit design is just gorgeous! How does she feel about putting it on? I have a deal with S that every morning I need to tell him a 'Super S' story while he's getting dressed :-). Great idea to pass on the walker. And well done on the Peppa Pig tickets. My kids are obsessed with a trip to the UK, for no reason other than to go to Peppa Pig world ;-).

Alison said...

Oh Di - we have had the Peppa Pig World discussion too!

I may have bribed Ashlea with the promise of a pink party rocker furby..... Of course now I can't find one ANYWHERE!

Anonymous said...

Well done to Emma!
Yum for the baking.
Looks like the chair can continue to be useful.
Fancy the suit makers even going the extra mile to put on ducks.
from Fay.