Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday - 4th July

This week I am thankful for:

- school holidays;

- Lego to keep us occupied on a rainy day;

I'm a bit sad that my kids are now old enough to build their own lego.
Do you think it would be OK to buy myself some?

- that the rain stopped and the sun came out for the school holidays;

- Emma went to (in spite of anxiety) and LOVED her minecraft music video making workshop;

- the peace and quiet that having the loudest child occupied at a workshop all day brought;

- another workshop booked for another day of peace and quiet;

- a visit to the Powerhouse Museum and Wild Life World just with my twins;

Powerhouse Museum

I don't know if the Japanese tourists were more excited
to see a butterfly or a butterfly on a cute
blond haired child...

ABC Duck had to meet the real ducks...

- the hospital that kept my babies alive at birth - and the chance to give back a little by helping the current crop of doctors prepare for their exams;

- a school friend over to play with Ashlea and a chance to get to know another 'mum who gets it';

- a swing delivered and a handyman booked to come and put it together (so exciting - I'm hoping I'll be able to show you photos of Ashlea in her swing next Thankful Thursday - it's been a long time coming);

- warm sunshiney days in the middle of winter.

Thankful Thursday

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Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

I loved when my son could build his own lego, but it was therapeutic in a way. I am loving a bit of sunshine in this cold rainy weather, I am longing for more sunshine and less rain :)