Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday July 18

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling rather overwhelmed and not very thankful - which makes it all the more important to try and stop at least once a week to see the many things I do have to be thankful for.

This week they include:

- my bible study group for listening to my vent about my lack of thankfulness;

- dinner and Abba Singstar with a lovely friend;

- friends who don't shy away from speaking the truth in love;

- finding the perfect Christmas present for Ashlea - and lest you think I am being hasty hunting down Christmas presents in July a certain little duck has already told me to call AND text Santa to tell him she wants a Talking Tom Cat and a Cuckoo Clock for Christmas;

It's a Cuckoo Clock with a duck inside - surely it will be a winner!?

- a timely developmental assessment for Audrey (more on that another day);

- a nice first session in the cricket for the Aussies;

- and of course the swing!  The Long Awaited Swing!

It ended up being the most expensive swingset known to mankind
but she LOVES it so it's all worth it!

- of course we are not so thankful about what happens when it is time to come inside - but at least it shows how much she loves the swing - and for that we are thankful;


Anonymous said...

In my area there are some great wheelchair swings in some of the parks and play areas.
from Fay

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've read your blog a few times before but not commented before. My local Aldi still has a lot of talking Toms available if you needed a couple? Email me if you want me to send you any or store details felicitymcn @

Alison said...

Thanks felicitymcn - but I have 4 in my cupboard and I have seen some still in our local Aldi too!