Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing Prompt: A Prayer for My Child

Sitting by Ashlea's crib in the NICU I could barely pray.  I could hardly speak or think let alone pray.  I had no words to express the horror of watching her cling to life by a thread (teeter on the brink I think were her doctor's exact words).

When words of prayer did come they were pretty basic.

Please God,

Thankfully He did let me keep her.  What a joy and delight she is and how thankful I am.

Over the years my prayers for her have changed.

In the early days of disability it was:

Please God let her walk and talk and eat sandwiches (my measure of severity of disability - if you can walk and talk and eat then you're not doing too badly).

Nowadays I don't care so much about those things.  Don't get me wrong I'm very glad that she can talk and that she has taken some independent steps, but walking and talking aren't what give your life meaning.  It's love.  Ashlea loves and is loved - that's enough.

My prayer is now prayed with Ashlea at bedtime.

She is the one who prays (which is in itself an answer to prayer) and it usually goes something like this:

Dear God 
Thank you for (insert name of whatever toy is favourite that day - eg Thank you for Tom)
Thank you for (insert random event of the day - eg thank you for swinging) 

Thank you for (insert reminder of something she wants me to do - eg thank you that you are going to get me a pink party rocker furby) 

Thank you for Jesus.
Thank you for heaven one day.

She gets to the important bits eventually :)

What more is there to say than that?

Thank you for Jesus and thank you for heaven one day.

Amen and AMEN.

{Writing Prompt}

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Missy said...

It's funny how much our prayers change over time and how we measure disability.

I am glad your prayers were answered x