Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I hate making decisions!!!

A few weeks ago I asked you all whether you thought we should put Murray's superannuation payout towards the mortgage or towards a new car.

Funny how things turn out.

We put all the money on the mortgage with the hope that the van would last a bit longer - but it was not to be.  The van has been pronounced 'stuffed' by the mechanic - yes that was his technical term - and it looks like the time has come to buy a new car.

We do have a second smaller (but still 10 year old) car but it is very hard to lift Ashlea in and out of and I have to take the wheelchair apart to fit it in the boot.  I do realise that when you have two cars these things could be classified as first world problems - but if I stuff my back lifting Ashlea then we will have a real problem to deal with.

I have pretty much decided on getting the Hyundai Imax as it is reasonably affordable for a big car and is quite easy to make wheelchair accessible.  New ones are as rare as hen's teeth at the moment but I have tracked one down and am going for a test drive tomorrow (if anyone else is in the market for one there are only 4 diesel autos in all of Sydney and they're all white - if you want a different colour you will have to wait until December).

We will be able to redraw the money from the mortgage so that is not a problem - I just hate being the one solely responsible for making big decisions like this!!!

Should I just do it???

It's too stressful to think about so tonight I am baking cinnamon buns to take the edge of :)

If anyone has any last minute car thoughts speak up now - I could be buying this car tomorrow!


Debbie said...

I say get the car. Ashley is only going to get bigger, and more difficult to lift. William has just got a larger wheelchair, and I have destroyed my back in a week from lifting it in and out of the wagon. I am now resigned to the fact that I need a van too. Good luck!!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Just do it! You need it, the whole family needs it. Can you use it as is now and add a lift later on? Good luck with the test drive xxxxx try not to think about the money or if you do compare it with 1 million physio visits ;)

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

We had an iMax in Perth as a hire car.

It was very good and easily accommodated 8 plus M's wheelchair.

Didn't feel too much bigger than our current (smallest) 7-seater.

The iMax would be top of the list if we were looking to upgrade.

I say go for it!

Felicity said...

Go for it! You need it and so does your back... Thinking of you. All the best and I'll pray God's guidance will be very clear. Xo

mon said...

yes get the car

Anonymous said...

We love our diesel IMAX. You wont regret it.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning to adapt the car so that a seat swings out to the side and allows a person to sit on it before it moves back into the car? Or are you planning to get a lifter at the back that will take the wheelchair? Or are you planning to make both adaptations? (The sideways swinging seat that one of your blog readers sent information on in a past entry, looked so useful.) That is of course if you plan on getting the car. From Fay.