Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Carnival Win

Ashlea had her school sports carnival today.

So much win.

I must admit to having to stifle the urge to sob at the sight of all the children competing.  All of the children have faced more hurdles before reaching primary school than most of us will ever face in a life time.  You're not just watching a school running race, you are watching SURVIVORS demonstrate the determination, courage and grace that has helped them overcome all the obstacles put before them. 

Here is my little winner in one of her races.

She had to run up and back 3 times
with that bean bag and then run all the way
to the end.  

She refused to use her walker.

I wonder if next year she will be able to do it on her own...?


melissa date said...

So, so gorgeous!! I would have been sobbing along with you- I even cry at the JAFF concert!! Love Mrs W too.

Alison said...

Oh don't worry Melissa - if Ashlea successfully pulls off the band performance at the Jaff concert I'll be crying at that too!

Missy said...

Sniff sniff... You are so right. It is a race of amazing little survivors.
She is so incredible that I just want burst into tears with pride x