Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday 22nd August

Before I get to being thankful I thought I'd share a few thoughts on practising thankfulness.

I don't do Thankful Thursday because life is dandy - rather the opposite.  Life is kind of complicated right now.  That's the whole point of Thankful Thursday.  It is about stopping and looking at what I DO have even amidst all the difficulties.  Being thankful isn't 'proof' that I'm coping really well or that things are easy.  It's a CHOICE to see the good and not be swallowed by the darkness.


Back to the thankfulness.

This week I am thankful for:

- my little ballerina;

- her vision teacher who took her on a 'special field trip' this week - to another classroom to see a cuckoo clock;

- a catch up with a lovely old friend who gets me;

- a catch up with a lovely mum who gets it;

- a catch up with another lovely friend who really, REALLY gets it;

- the fun that is texting with my kids - and seeing what they text to each other;

Emma freaked out when this popped up on her ipod one night...
until she realised it was from sweet, innocent little Audrey

- a husband who is just happy to get fed and is not overly fussy about what he gets fed;

I know it looks like something Bridget Jones would
make but it was actually quite tasty...

- my first successful park of the new van in a 'real' car park.  I know it doesn't actually help to duck my head when driving into a low car park but I doubt I will be able to stop myself doing it;

- a little taste of spring sunshine over the weekend and days that are starting to get longer which show that REAL spring is coming soon.

Thankful Thursday


melissa date said...

Why feel the need to explain your thankfulness? Is there a particular reason? Nobody should have to explain their gratitude!! What a shame that you felt the need to clarify that.

Alison said...

I'll message you...

Anonymous said...

Is that pea soup? from Fay

Anonymous said...

I thought the ballerina was Audrey,but now I see you have followed the word 'ballerina', with,'her vision teacher'. So now my guess is that the ballerina is Ashlea. from Fay.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

This is where blogging gets tricky! I take these snippets of your life as just that, we are all way more than what we project through a blog xx I love seeing your thankful pics even though I have no idea what that green stuff is! Love Audrey's message! Hilarious!

Alison said...

Bron - I knew that you would get it more than most!

The green goop is Quirky Cooking's chicken with cashew nut sauce...just with too much coriander.