Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank You!

Today was the Big Red Kidney Walk.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us - we raised $790 - which considering we didn't expect to raise anything is pretty good going!

Team Ashlea ready to set off

Ashlea meeting Billy the Kidney.
What's the kidney doing she asks?
Is it making wee...???
And of course she hadn't forgotten that there is a carousel
at Darling Harbour... We were not allowed to leave without
having a ride!

It might seem like an odd way to spend Father's Day but for our family it was perfect.  Ashlea is thriving due to the life giving gift of a kidney given to her by her Dad, so it was lovely to be able to honour all kidney patients and their families - and for those who have received transplants to honour their donors too.

Kidney disease doesn't get much attention in the media or much funding even though on average 50 people die of kidney related disease every day in Australia.  Thank you to those who sponsored us:  my sister's boss, Jen from WA, Julie, Monique, Grandma, Anonymous, Bron, Kate, Frances and Jen from Canada (how exciting - an international donation!).

The fundraising page is open for another 2 weeks if there is anyone who still wants to donate:

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Alison said...

And a big thank you to the 3 Sharons who have also since donated bringing our total to $900 :)