Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday 12th September

Today I am thankful for:

 - the continued gorgeous weather we are having in Sydney;

- the chance to hang out with some kindred spirits on the weekend - and see their ducks;

- the chance to test drive their power chair.

What do you think - not bad for a first attempt.  She did go round and round in circles for awhile - I'm not sure if she was stuck or doing that deliberately.

- the random things I learn from Ashlea ever day - like that it IS possible to crawl with your fingers in your ears;


- seeing Emma get her merit award at assembly on Monday;

- Emma earning a distinction in English in the ICAS tests (I do not understand how that child's brain works - she scored in the bottom 10% for spelling and writing but got a distinction for English?)

- only 6 more school days until school holidays;

- for those who've asked me R U OK today (it is R U OK day here) and been willing to listen to the answer.

Thankful Thursday


Sophia Season said...

I think she did a wonderful job with the chair. If it were me, I would go in circles on purpose.


Missy said...

I agree..I think she was awesome in the chair. I think you were awesome doing it so close to water!! hahahah...

I am thankful for you x