Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday 19th September

This week I am thankful for:

- paperwork signed for the bathroom renovation - work should start next month;

- a random cold virus that made me lose my voice and be just sick enough to have a day off work (can't answer the phone with no voice can you?) but not so sick that I couldn't enjoy reading a book with my feet up while having that day off;

- talking and praying with someone who gets it;

- lots of offers of help and support after my last post;

- the opportunity to finally meet a lovely internet friend in real life;

Please come again soon Bron!

- dinner out with kindred spirits - other mums who get it;

- school concert night WIN.  Ashlea rocked her performance in band in spite of this face at rehearsals in the morning;

- Audrey and Emma also did well in their performances.  I may have had to bring out the big gun bribe incentive of offering Emma the following day off school if she got through it all - but hey - whatever works right?

My 3 Performers

- that Emma not only WENT out on stage but STAYED on stage for her entire performance.  Her dance routine was OK but when it came to band it looked like she was ready to bolt from the stage at any moment.  Picture 40 kids on stage standing as still as statues except for their hands drumming .... and Emma ... fidgeting and twitching and nearly dancing a jig amongst them while the band teacher hissed from the wings 'STOP IT'.  Seriously I don't know what I'm going to do with that child.  It was hilariously mortifying to watch.

Thankful Thursday


Sophia Season said...

I am glad the performances went well. Feel better soon.


Kel (Miss N Corner) said...

Congrats... You've had bestowed upon you the honour that is The Versatile Blogger Award.