Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday 26th September

Can you believe it is the end of September already?  Only 3 months until Christmas!

This week I am thanking God for:

- a spot of Christmas shopping done;

- gift cards and encouraging words that arrive in the mail;

- a Thinkspace Minecraft workshop for Emma and Audrey to enjoy.  For some reason I feel less guilty if they spend the whole day playing minecraft at a museum rather than at home - some how it makes it seem more like an intellectual pursuit;

- a trip to Max Brenner with some lovely ladies from my bible study group;

- new AFOs for Ashlea;

- a clear endoscopy and thorough eye examination under anaesthetic for Ashlea;

- a bit of summer weather to enjoy during the school holidays;

Ashlea has been asking to play under the sprinkler since mid-winter - she
finally got her wish

- a local source of respite found for Murray.  One of the main areas effected by Murray's brain injury is his ability to initiate activities.  If left to his own devices he will sleep all day and then watch TV most of the night.  In an effort to keep him from becoming completely nocturnal I have signed him up for a disability support service that involves going on social outings once a week. I am in two minds about it as Murray is by far the highest functioning person in the group.  I am trying to encourage him to think of it as a way of giving back - almost as if he is a volunteer helper - rather than seeing it as a source of despair that he is unable to work and has been shipped off to respite.  I hope I'm doing the right thing - we can only try it and see;

- good Christian books to read and good Christian friends to think through Big Ideas with.  You're all welcome to weigh in on the Big Ideas discussion.  My current question is What does it mean to do things in God's strength rather than your own? How do you actually do that?;

- Christian friends who don't shy away from telling you the truth when you need to hear it;

- great quotes from authors who get it.  I love this quote from Nancy Guthrie - given in response to that old chestnut "I don't know how you do it - I could never do what you do".  This is what she says:
You're right.  You couldn't do it...God has not given you the grace for it because you don't need it, at least not right now.  But know this: when you do need it, he will give you all the grace you need.

Thankful Thursday 


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Friends who will keep real with you when you really need to hear the truth are a gem! I also have gotten some Christmas shopping done. I couldn't be prouder of myself because I only have a handful of gifts left to buy. And no, I can't believe we're at the end of September already either. It went by quick.

Stopping by from the Thankful Thursday hop.

n0thingbuteverything said...

Christmas shopping?! You are my hero. Loving the sound of the Minecraft activities too x Di