Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: Bathroom Edition! And Advice Needed...

Today I am thanking God for;

- our wonderful new accessible bathroom;

- the funding that made this possible;

- flushing toilets;

- clean drinking water;

- hot water on tap;

- the good health we have in Australia that results from flushing toilets, clean drinking water and hot water on tap;

- the school OT for getting the whole process started;

- someone to clean the bathroom after the work finished;

- a bubble bath to christen the new tub;

- and a clean child after a long soak in the bath - she had inground dirt in her hands and knees from crawling around in the construction zone!

So - the specs for the curious... and then I'll get to my question...

180 degree smart door

Large shower and 'sticky out' toilet to fit a commode over
(we are paying the tiler extra to come back and tile to the ceiling which is why it doesn't look finished)

Bath and sink

So my question is this:  What is the best way to use this bathroom to save my back?

Option 1 is to get a commode type chair on wheels so Ashlea could be wheeled over the toilet and into the shower (note there is no hoist so I would have to lift her into the chair).

Option 2 is to get a step and rail for the toilet and a little chair for the shower so she could transfer herself.  But then where and how do I dress her?  In the wet shower chair?  What do you all do??

I'm very keen to hear the wisdom of those who have already 'been there' and 'done that'...


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Looks perfect! Love the draining grate and the access! Coop using a throne rail for the toilet. He knee walks in and pulls to stand and sits by himself. I do the wiping part and helping with clothes.
Shower is on his knees right now. I
Plan for a shower seat for self washing when he's bigger but just thought of dressing him in his room if the house has rails for moving from bathroom to bedroom next door. How do you dress her now?

Alison said...

Bron at the moment I dress her on the floor. Probably not the best long term plan...

Big brother, Little sister. said...

It's so tricky! What about a rail ? Could Ashlea stand while you dressed her? And a heater to keep her warm?

Alison said...

Yes Bron that is what I'm thinking. She could stand holding on to the shower rail and I could dry her (and the shower chair) and she could sit back in it for dressing. Just tricky to put a nappy on someone who is sitting up :)

katy said...

I work in a nursing home, and we prefasten nappies pulled up to just above the knees, like underwear, and then pull them up and adjust when the person is standing.

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing for our country to do; to make an accessible bathroom. We do have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful I live in this country.
With a shower chair, it is stationary and isn't designed to swivel to face the rail at times(like when the person is standing), so maybe a commode is more easily moved around the shower, whilst the chair is designed to remain stationary. Also, with the commode it is easier to wash away mess. The nappy might be applied whilst Ashlea is standing, holding onto the rails.

If instead a shower chair is used, the nappy might be able to be placed on the chair after Ashlea has stood, with the tabs fastened later, whilst sitting.
With the commode though, there is always that risk of the brakes being forgotten (but that is the same with a pram- people seem to get used to brakes). Yet the commode arm rests could provide a railing at the toilet.
With the sitting down movement, it can usually be completed in less steps on a shower chair but on a commode Ashlea might have to use the foot rest to shuffle back into proper alignment on the seat.
Her pants and shoes could be put on whilst she is sitting and pulled up whilst she is standing, holding onto a rail. Ashlea seems to be learning to stop safely after walking, yet a bathroom can become more like an ice-rink at times, so my option for now is to choose a commode so she can also be wheeled over to the sink to do her teeth etc.

Since Ashlea is using the television stand now to start walking, then having rails does seem like it would be very useful.

Hope it all goes well, from Fay.

Julie C said...

Day 6 - Today I am thankful for: the new working bathroom that you Al, Murray and the girls now have as a result of so many generous people. I can only imagine from reading your Blog etc how much it means to you all. I am also thankful for - my husband Andrew who: regularly cleans up my kitchen after I have spent the morning before 8am baking biscuits and muffins for my kids and the evening cooking up a dinner that everyone might eat and thence left it in a little mess. I am thankful that Andrew is a Christian and has been given so much patience and a host of other qualities that enable him continue to work in an office environment with some incredibly challenging and demanding colleagues. JC

Deb said...

That glowing picture of Ashlea in her bubble bath is just beautiful!

Missy said...

It looks amazing ALison...what a difference!!