Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankfulness Day 10: In Which We Survive A Trip To The City...

Today was Audrey's end of year choir concert.  She got to sing on the Opera House stage which was very exciting!  As usual she was an angel.  The other two not so much.  Today's thankful list has been a challenge!

I am determined though to find 10* things to be thankful for so here we go. Today I am thanking God for:

- Aunty Carolin taking Audrey in to the concert early for rehearsal so that I didn't have to entertain Emma and Ashlea in the city (and the rain) for 3 hours before the concert started;

- getting us through the end of year choir concert without a major meltdown from anyone (although a few of us were close at times);

- for the joy that Audrey gets from singing and performing in the choir;

- that it allows her to have something that is just hers;

- for the lovely compliment that Ashlea gave to Audrey when she saw her in her pretty dress - Just like Barbie she said - the highest compliment Audrey could ever receive;

- for Ashlea staying quiet on my lap for the whole concert.  It may have looked like I was wrestling an octopus at times - but at least it was a quiet octopus;

- for Emma staying reasonably quiet throughout the concert even while making it clear she was not happy to be there;

- for Emma even getting to the concert in spite of her anxiety;

- that the lift that looked like it was about to break down (with us inside of it) got going again before Emma completely lost it (good thing too - I wouldn't have been far behind her);

- that Grandma, Murray and Aunty Carolin could come and enjoy the concert (and help me!);

- that the Opera House staff managed to find us seats even after messing up the wheelchair booking;

- for the helpful staff at the Opera House who showed us the way to our seats - that place was NOT designed with accessibility in mind:

- for the helpful men in the car park who carried Ashlea's wheelchair up a flight of stairs when I decided that I just could not drag my family the long way round;

- that the kids coped surprisingly well with being stuck in the car park for 45 minutes when we were leaving;

- for a couch to flop on with a hot cup of tea once we had arrived safely home!

Look at that - I even managed to come up with more than 10.... to make up for some of those backhanded ones :)


melissa date said...

Yes the Opera House is a bit of a pain to get around with a wheelchair. I wasn't sure we would ever make it out to daylight again. Well done on surviving the day!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

That car park is a nightmare. Next time (Wed?) park at our place and get the ferry in!

Not liking the sound of the wheelchiar seating arrangements - I'm about to book tix for M to see something there...

Well done for a successful day! I reckon Audrey's much prettier and more talented that that silly plastic bimbo!!

Julie C said...

Day 10 - Today is an easy one for me as we had our Annual Family Birthday BBQ Party at home. So I am thankful for - 1.My family. My parents, my younger brother, his wife, son and daughter and my older sister, her husband and teenage son all enjoyed a lovely lunch in our home with us. This was the most people we have had for a meal indoors. 2.I am thankful that everyone shared happy conversations and no one became irritated or grumpy as often happens at these family gatherings. 3.I am happy and thankful that they were all able to attend as this is the only invitation extended to each family each year and celebrates 5 male birthdays. 4.I am thankful that it rained and we were able to sit indoors away from our pool and the heat or cold. 5.I am especially thankful that we are all well and healthy despite having serious health issues in the past. 6. I am thankful that Mel loves spending time with her 4 year old cousin Chloe who adores her. 7 I am thankful that Chloe's 10 year old brother played with both Mel and 12 year old Josh, 8 I am thankful that 13 year old Nath was able to enjoy spending time with everyone despite being home schooled due to anxiety issues and having fewer common interests with 15 year old Matt. 9 I am thankful for left over food and drinks to enjoy for at least a couple of days. 10 I am thankful for a clean and tidy house now that the party is over. Julie I didn't realise I should have been finding 10 things each day Al so have made a special attempt for this day 10, and I would love to hear Audrey sing.

Anonymous said...

Well done everybody! from Fay