Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankfulness Day 12: Ashlea's List

Today I do not feel very thankful.  Today I feel irritated.  By everything and everyone.  I checked the weather channel to see if there was a full moon to explain my level of irritation with the world.  Sadly not even close - I have nothing to blame it on.

Rather than me listing things like how I'm thankful that my neighbours didn't hear me having a screaming banshee fit this morning I think I'll let Ashlea do the talking today.

Ashlea's list of 10 things she is thankful for today...

It' worth watching for her message to all of you at the end :)

For those who can't see it click here for the direct link.

In case you didn't catch any of that it was:

- Emma

- Audrey

- Blue Shake (a musical mobile in her bed - no idea why she calls it that)

- Foot Tom (Talking Tom that is activated by a switch on his foot)

- Bed (amen to that one)

- Carolin

- Aunty Kellie

- Mummy

- Daddy

- bath

- shower

- sink (not sure why?).

There is my reason to be thankful right there!


T said...

Ashlea, Today I am thankful to you and that big smile of yours that made my day :) x

Julie C said...

Day 12 - 5:30am and I have just watched Ashley's video 3 times - wow! I am thankful that She has taught me to keep it simple. So in one sentence I am thankful for: The police who came to kindy today to talk, Carol who takes Mels new Relax Kids with yoga class and the pink hummer that took our neighbour to her formal. All these things made me smile. Amen

Felicity said...

Oh Ashlea, you have the ability to make anyone's day brighter! Thank you for doing that for me today xx