Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankfulness Day 13 - Includes more Ashlea Awesomeness

Today I am thanking God for:

- a reasonably good night's sleep (for a non sleeper like me);

- a quiet day at home while the girls were at school;

- a small amount of tidying applied to a small portion of the house;

- a rather larger amount of time spent with my backside applied to the couch;

- a hot cup of tea;

- sunshine;

- homework done yesterday (without loss of life or limb) so that we could just chill after school today;

- a swing;

- a spa;

- Christmas carols (otherwise known as why we are popular with the neighbours)...

The never ending carol...

(Click here for direct link to neverending carol)

OK so just after I finished today's list I heard Audrey screeching from the other room to come and see what Ashlea was doing.  Who'd have thought - another unexpected milestone!

A new - rather unsafe - party trick!

I better add that I'm thankful for Ashlea's sheer determination and perseverance!!!


Felicity said...

She is amazing!! I love her determination and then her giggles when she achieves it! Well done Miss Ashlea!
And one of my favourite Christmas carols just became even better. What gorgeous twins!

melissa date said...

Oh my goodness- so much to be thankful for today!! That singing was spectacular xxx

Deb said...

Wow - she is just powering along now! What a champ!!!

Julie C said...

Day 13 Today I am thankful for the joy that children of all ages who aren't your own can bring - including a 15 year old team mate of Matt's after a 6-3 Indoor soccer loss ("That's a lot better than the 20-0 loss I predicted!".), a 5 year old girl at kindy whispering into my ear after I told them I will miss them when they go to big school ("I might come back and work here one day!".) and videos of amazing kids including twins singing in the spa Julie C

Anonymous said...

Totally, totally cute singing girls!
Great job with your walking start Ashlea, from Fay.